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Improving the Way We Look at the Future™ ASF’s free newsletter reports universal, global, national, cultural, and individual perspectives on the most important and interesting story of our time: the mechanisms and impact of accelerating technological change. With each issue ASF staff and contributors expose you to cool tools and news you can use in scientific, technological, business, policy, and social domains.

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[Note: Accelerating Times is now on hiatus while John Smart writes his book. Feel free to get on the list anyway, and we'll let you know when the book is done.]

3 Jan, 2006: Metaverse Roadmap, Futures Studies Ph.D., Plug-In Hybrids, Split-Brain Perception, Web 2.0
3 Oct, 2005:
Testimonials, Robot Ideas, SLCC, Tummy PC, Google-NASA, Parabolic Solar, Evo Wars
6 Sept, 2005:
Accelerating Change 2005 Conference Kicks Off in 10 Days
28 Jul, 2005:
Sing is Near, Alz Prevention, Geoneutrinos, Panopticon, Reality Mining, Phase Change
30 Jun, 2005:
Genographic, Tech Forum, End of War?, Power of Us, GE Desal, Digital Paper, Ethics
31 May, 2005:
Underground AHS, 2020 Vision, Nano-Batts, 3D Printing, GPS Maps, Immunotherapy
28 Apr, 2005:
AC2005 Reg Open, Energy Saturation, Automated Trading, Moore's Law 40, Lifeblog
25 Mar, 2005:
SL Future Salon, Egocasting, Robots, fMRI Profiling, "Declining Worldwide Innovation"
26 Feb, 2005:
Bose Suspension, Global Warming, Acai, Spintronics, 3D Models, Nuclear Power, IPTV
1 Feb, 2005:
Boomerang, SWORDS, Teletherapy, Synthetic Biology, Search, Automation
18 Jan, 2005:
Quantum Evo-Devo, Innovation, EPIC2014, Golden Dragon, Stem Cells, World Sys Evolution
31 Dec, 2004: Tsunami, David O'Reilly, Soc. Security, Coal Liquefact, Virtual Island, Black Hole Computer
26 Nov, 2004: AC2004 Thanks, Frame Drag, Afshar, Keyhole, ERS-7, Smart Toys, Second Life, US-Paki
2 Nov, 2004: Accelerating Change 2004 Conference This Weekend!
19 Oct, 2004: Interface Debate, Challenge ?'s, Eliminating Malaria, Netflix, I Love Bees, Google Desktop
8 Oct, 2004: VS Debate, Christine Peterson, Controlling Hurricanes, J. Kerry Action Hero, Ghost in Shell 2
24 Sept, 2004: PS Debate, Dewayne Hendricks, Holey Fibers, ADHD, Virtual Halluc., Future Shock, SSML
11 Sept, 2004: AC2004 Brochure, Helen Greiner, Shot-Spotter, BMW VR, Spam: Email Stamp Tax
31 Aug, 2004: First Extrasolar Rocky-Core Planet, Cyber Sleuth CSI, A9 and Lookout Search Tools
28 July, 2004: AC2004 Nov 5-7l, DVDs, Worldwide Wheelchairs, VR and Teen Safety, MP3Blue Jacket
19 July, 2004: Second Call, DVDs, Resveratrol and Longevity, Webjay, Blinkx But Don't Miss It
12 July, 2004: Call to Action, ACC2003 DVDs, "Mini's", Virtual Arabic Camp, 1000-Year Camera
05 July, 2004: AC2004, Skype, Ownership in Virtual Worlds, and AgileTV's Voice User Interface
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Jan-Dec, 2002 Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Parts 4-5 | Parts 6-7
July-Dec, 2001 Part 1 | Part 2
June, 2001 Part 1
May, 2001 Part 1

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