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Donating to the Foundation

ASF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research, educational and community service organization devoted to better foresight, understanding, policy, and management regarding communities and technologies of accelerating change. See the ASF mission and a description of ASF benefits. All donations are tax-deductible at your marginal income tax rate. For example, if you donate $1,000, and your federal marginal income tax rate is 30.5%, you may deduct $305 in taxes for that donation.

All web donations go into ASF's Foundation Fund. Only 80% of the interest from the Foundation Fund can be spent every year, thus ensuring that financial support for our mission continually grows with time. ASF uses a version of the permanent portfolio investment strategy to minimize volatility and maximize long-term (10+ year) return. See Permanent Portfolio - Historical Returns for the long-term performance record of this conservative investment strategy.

Just $40 (eleven cents a day for a year) contributed to our Foundation Fund will generate, on average, a dollar or two of funding for ASF work every year, forever into the future. That is a suggested individual donation, either annually or on a one-time basis, as you can afford. Each contribution helps us improve our services to you, whether it be conferences, salons, foresight education and research, community-building, retreats, publications, or other work.

To donate securely via your credit card through PayPal, please click on the button below. A receipt will be emailed to you by PayPal which you may use for tax purposes. ASF's PayPal account is  Every dollar helps greatly. Thank you so very much for your contribution. If you choose to be a Supporting Donor, let us know if we may list you publicly (see below).

ASF Supporting Donors

Since our inception in 2003, the following individuals and organizations have contributed over $500 to our Foundation or General Funds. ASF also accepts one-time gifts of appreciated stock, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other estate assets. Capital gains taxes are not levied on gifts to 501(c)(3) organizations. If you would like to discuss potentially making special contributions to the organization, and perhaps entering a high-engagement philanthropy relationship with us, please contact ASF president John M. Smart. We welcome you to become a supporting donor.

Anonymous Donors
Dave Bolman, University of Advancing Technology
Corey Bridges, Multiverse
Marcos Guillen, CorticalDB
Bruno Haid, System One
Dave Harris
Jochen Hummel, Metaversum
James Hursthouse, Online Game Services
Steve Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Mike Korns and Gilda Cabral, Korns Associates
Alex Lightman, Innofone
Ross Mayfield, SocialText
Randy Moss, American Cancer Society
Aliza Peleg, SAP
Alain Prochiantz
Marlon Rojas, Fizbit
Sandra Russell, Critical Care Medicine
Doug Solomon, Omidyar Network
John E. Smart
Ruben Steiger
, Millions of Us
Peter Thiel, Founders Fund
Sibley Verbeck, The Electric Sheep Company
Nato Welch, ASAIM
Fred Wendt

To all our donors, thank you kindly for your generous support.


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