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ASF Advisory Boards

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  Educational/Consulting Advisors
  Technology Advisors
  Sustainability Advisors
  International Advisors
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Change Leaders Directory

  Science and Research
  Technology and Innovation
  Business, Economics, and Development
  Social, Political, Education, Envir., Health, Etc.

Web-Based Workgroups

Let us know if you'd like to contribute to our nonprofit by joining one of the following groups.

Executives are responsible for management and corporate structure.

John Smart, President
Iveta Brigis, Treasurer; Producer, Fusion
Sandra Russell, Secretary
Clement Vidal, EDU Research Community

Board of Directors
The ASF board guides the management activities of our nonprofit corporation, and approves its bylaws.

John Smart, Chairman; President; Co-Producer, AC
Iveta Brigis, Treasurer; Producer, Fusion
Sandra Russell, Secretary
Alvis Brigis,
General Board
Mark Finnern,
General Board; Founder, Bay Area Future Salon (Palo Alto); Co-Producer, AC
Jerry Paffendorf, General Board; Founder, Second Life Future Salon
Sibley Verbeck, General Board

Associates - Consulting and Research
The following individuals are friends, volunteers, colleagues or paid strategic partners who are regularly asked to review, give feedback on, or contribute to ASF's foresight, innovation, and strategy consulting and research projects. We thank them for their service.

Jef Allbright
Maria Andersen
Monica Anderso
Sonia Arrison
Miguel Aznar
Matt Bell
Clem Bezold
Phil Bowermaster
Alvis Brigis
Iveta Brigis
Brent Bushnell
Doug Campbell
Mike Chorost
Jose Cordeiro
Bob Cormia
Sean Daken
Lisa Donchak
James Douma

Jay Dugger
George Dvorsky
Mike Eddy
Nir Eyal
Jeremy Faludi
Mark Finnern
Bobby Fishkin
Adam Ford

Norman Gilmore
Garry Golden
Marc Goodman
Bino Gopal
Eric Gradman
Steve Harris
Bob Harrison
Tony Hansmann
James Hogan
Todd Huffman
Luke Hutchinson

Neil Jacobstein
Steve Jurvetson
Rachel Kalmar
Doug Kaye
Jayar LaFontaine
Scott Lemon
Mark Lenhart
Randy Lubin
Max Marmer
Jenn Mayer
Dale McGrew
Venessa Miemis
Jerry Michalski
Sean Murphy
Tim O'Reilly
Jerry Paffendorf
Christina Page
Christine Peterson

Ulf Pillkahn
Joe Quirk
Wayne Radinsky
Erin Rapacki
Chris Rasch
Victor Richardson
Steve Scher
Heather Schlegel
Rion Snow
Stephan Spencer
Dale Stephens
Danielle Strachman
Charles VanNorman
Sibley Verbeck-Simon
Clement Vidal
Nato Welch
Chip Wood
Andrew Zolli

Associates - Other
The following individuals are particularly notable volunteers, colleagues, and strategic partners who have contributed time, talent, or advice to ASF in capacities other than consulting. Again, we thank them for their service.

Sonia Arrison, AC Emcee, Consultant
Brent Bushnell, UCLA Future Salon Moderator
Gilda Cabral, LV Future Salon Moderator
Norman Gilmore, AC Technical Director
Paul Grasshoff, Events Coordinator
Mike Korns, LV Future Salon Moderator

Jerry Paffendorf, FS Community Director
Marlon Rojas, Graphic Design Director
Rion Snow, Speaker Consultant
Phil Steele, Event Support
Peter Thiel, AC Supporter
Lisa Tansey, SD Future Salon Moderator
Nato Welch, ASF Web

ASF Advisory Boards
Advisors are prominently known, well-connected, or highly qualified individuals who lend their credibility to ASF via an advisory position. They receive quarterly status reports on our activities, and respond with advice as time and interest allow.

All ASF advisors consider the topic of accelerating change an important and understudied dialog, necessary to the development of greater social foresight. We make an effort to represent in this community not only those who expect a significantly faster and more opportunity- and challenge-rich future but also contrarian views, including those who suspect our current era of acceleration may be an illusion of perspective, or if real may not continue. In particular, we recognize that the thesis of continuously accelerating universal computation, when viewed as a generalized process (progressing through geological, chemical, biological, cultural, and now technological "substrates" in evolutionary development) has yet to be extensively modeled, validated, and reconciled with logistic growth ("S" curve) models which can be readily observed for specific substrates. As pointed out by Ted Modis (not an ASF advisor) and others, the formal study of accelerating change is at best a "para-science" at the present time.

During the next several years we will work toward a multidisciplinary set of 100 advisors in each of the following ten advisory boards. We are also seeking more female, multiethnic, and non-U.S. composition for our advisory boards. Please send us your diversity-enhancing advisor recommendations.

1. Scientific Advisory Board
This board includes researchers and select philosophers exploring the accelerating developmental record of physical complexity over a broad range of academic disciplines and substrate scales (physical, chemical, biological, cultural, technological).

Dr. Pierre Baldi, Director, IGB, U.C. Irvine, Author, The Shattered Self, Bioinformatics (homesite)
Dr. Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Senior Research Scientist and Group Leader, NDEAA Lab, JPL (homesite)
Dr. Richard L. Coren, (Emeritus) Professor of Electrical Engrg., Drexel U., Author, The Evolutionary Trajectory, 1998
James N. Gardner,
Complexity Theorist and Science Writer, Author, Biocosm, 2003
Hal Linstone, Emeritus Professor of System Science, Portland State University; Editor-in-Chief, Technological Forecasting and Social Change; Author, Decision Making for Technology Executives, The Unbounded Mind.
Dr. Stan Salthe, SUNY Binghamton; Author, Evolving Hierarchical Systems, Development and Evolution (homesite)

2. Educational/Consulting Advisory Board
This board includes faculty and consultants in technology assessment, complexity studies, future studies, and related subjects nationwide.

Miguel Aznar, Executive Director, KnowledgeContext. Author, Technology Challenged, 2005
Craig Belanger,
Co-Editor, Journal of Advancing Technology, University of Advancing Technology
David Clemens
, Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA; Instructor, English 38: More Or Less than Human?
Joseph Coates, Professional Futurist,
Dennis List,
Futurist and Principal, Audience Dialog; Editor, New Zealand Whole Earth Catalogue, 1972-77
Jos de Mul
, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Author, Cyberspace Odyssey
William Halal, Professor of Mgmt Science, George Washington U., Developer, TechCast Delphi Forecast (homesite)
Matthew Jolly, Associate Professor, University of Advancing Technology; Editor, Journal of Advancing Technoloogy (homesite)
Nelson Kellogg, Sonoma State University, Author, The Persistence of Visions
Thomas Lombardo, Rio Salado College, Author, Doorways to the Future, 2000 (homesite)
Dr. Pero Micic, President, FutureManagementGroup AG
Mutombo Mpanya, Sonoma State University, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jonathan Peck,
Vice President, Institute for Alternative Futures
Marc Prensky,
CEO, Games2train, Author, Digital Game-Based Learning (weblog)
Art Shostak, Drexel U.,, Author, Viable Utopian Ideas
Stephen P. Steele, Institute for the Future at AACC, Arnold MD

3. Technology Advisory Board
This board includes individuals involved in analysis, responsible development, and guidance of computational and technological systems over a wide range of human applications.

Sonia Arrison, Director of Technology Studies, Pacific Research Institute.
Earl Cox,
President, Scianta Intelligence, Author, Beyond Humanity, 1994; The Fuzzy Systems Handbook, 1994; Machine Intelligence Tools for Knowledge Mining and Data Discovery, 2004; Webmaster, EarlCoxReports
Doug Engelbart,
Digital Interface Legend; Chairman, Bootstrap Institute
John Fritz,
Commercial Director, Icosystem Corporation (weblog)
Ben Goertzel
, Founder and CEO, Biomind LLC , Author, Chaotic Logic, Creating Internet Intelligence
Marcos Guillen, CEO, Artificial Development
Gaurav Gupta, Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence, Techna Institute, Kolkata, India (homesite)
Jeffrey R. Harrow, Consultant/Speaker on Emerging Technologies and Accelerating Change; Principal, The Harrow Group; Author, The Harrow Technology Report, (bio)
Josh Kirschenbaum, Visual Effects Designer, Lux. (weblog)
Ray Kurzweil, President, Kurzweil Technologies, Author, The Age of Intelligent Machines, 1990; The Age of Spiritual Machines, 1999; The Singularity is Near, 2005; Webmaster,,
Scott Lemon,
President, HumanXxtensions LLC. (weblog)
Alex Lightman,
CEO, Charmed Technology and IPv6 Summit. Author, Brave New Unwired World, 2002; (homesite)
Jim Mathews,
Principal, The Futures Network
Michael Olson,
Consultant, Pleiades Technology Futures. (weblog)
Jim Pinto,
Technology Futurist, Industrial Automation Analyst, Writer, Author,
Wayne Williams
, CTO, Embarcadero Technologies

4. Sustainability Advisory Board
This board includes acceleration-aware thinkers, communicators, and leaders in world governance, environment, ethics, sustainability and other planet-level dialogs.

Natalie Ambrose, Director, Emerging Issues & Strategic Planning, The Council on Foundations
Walter Truett Anderson
, Author, Evolution Isn't What it Used to Be, All Connected Now, The Next Enlightenment
David Brin, Scientist, Author, Earth, The Transparent Society; Science Fiction and Education, (weblog)
Scott Hunt,
Author, The Future of Peace (homesite)
Doug Mulhall, Author, Our Molecular Future
Sesh Velamoor, Deputy Director, Foundation for the Future, Co-Founder, IAPAC

5. International Advisory Board
This board includes globally operating, multinational and non-U.S. national acceleration-aware thinkers, communicators, and leaders.

Aziz Alizadeh, Metallurgical Engineer, Tehran, Iran (weblog)
Jose Cordeiro, Adjunct Professor, Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela (bio)
Suren Erkman, Founder & Director, Institute for Communication and Analysis of Science and Technology (ICAST), Geneva, Switzerland. Editor, Perspectives on IE, 2003. (article).
Malo Girod de l'Ain, Founder and CEO, M2 Editions, Author, 2010 Virtual Future, 2005, Paris, France
Paul Shields, Co-Founder and Director, Oyster Consulting, Australia (bio)
Rohit Talwar, CEO, Global Futures and Foresight; Principal, FastFuture, United Kingdom

6. National Advisory Board
This board includes U.S. political, legal, and national security thinkers, communicators, and leaders seeking better governmental awareness of and response to accelerating change.

Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center
Thomas Cowper,
Board of Executive Directors, Police Futurists International
John L. Petersen,
Founder and President, The Arlington Institute

7. Business Advisory Board
This board comprises U.S. business and economic thinkers, communicators, and leaders working to understand and manage accelerating scientific and technological change in enterprise, industry, and economy.

Mary Ann Allison, Principal, Allison Group, Author, The Complexity Advantage, 1999
David Blumberg
, Chairman, Blumberg Capital
Michael Eddy, President,
David Forrest, President, Global Vision Consulting Ltd., Webmaster, InnovationWatch
Steve Jurvetson, Managing Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
John Mauldin, President, Millenium Wave Advisors; Author, Bull's Eye Investing, 2004
Neil McEvoy, President, On Demand Network
Sean Murphy, President,
Melanie Swan,
President, MS Financial Group
Steve Waite, Author, Boomernomics, Quantum Investing
Janet Staker-Woerner, Converging Communications; Professor, NY Inst. of Technology. (Weblog).
William F. Zachmann, CEO, Canopus Research. (homepage). Online Book, 1986

8. Cultural Advisory Board
This board includes global sociotechnological, relationship, entertainment, and aesthetic thinkers, communicators. and leaders seeking to understand, interpret, mediate, and guide the impacts of accelerating change on human culture.

Greg Bear, Author, Blood Music, Darwin's Radio
Howard Bloom, Author, The Lucifer Principle, Global Brain
George Dvorsky,
Editor, Betterhumans. Homepage.
Alan Kazlev
, Webmaster,;
Ramez Naam, Author, More than Human, 2005
Patrick Gunkel, Theoretical Neuroscientist, Developer of Ideonomy
Frank Paynter, President, Sandhill Technologies (Weblog)
Wolf Read,
Author, "About the Technological Singularity;" Contributing Writer, Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Sam Williams, Author, Arguing A.I.
Andrew Zolli, Lead Partner, Z+ Partners (Weblog)

9. Individual Advisory Board
This board includes global health, spiritual, self-development, and self-empowerment thinkers, communicators, and leaders contemplating the meaning and effect of accelerating change on the individual human.

Jan Amkreutz, Author, Digital Spirit, 2003; Webmaster,
Michael Anissimov,
Flemming Funch, Founder, New Civilization Network (Weblog)
James Hughes, Secretary, WTA, Host of Changesurfer Radio
Dave Kekich, President, Maximum Life Foundation
Wayne Radinsky, Webmaster, SingularityInvestor
John Renesch, Author, Getting to a Better Future, 2000; Editor FutureShapers Monthly.
Mark Rotenberg, Independent Game Developer. Formerly with Angel Studios, Rockstar Games.
Peter Russell, Author, The Global Brain, Waking up in Time (homesite)

10. Student Advisory Board
This board includes a select group of graduate, undergraduate, high school, and independent scholars with a strong interest in the better understanding and guidance of accelerating change.

Lion Alpaugh, Naropa University; Webmaster, Integral Singularity
Cheryl Morris,
Nova Southeastern U (Weblog)
Sponge Nebson,
Cal State University Long Beach
Jessica Richman, Stanford University
Sara Robinson, University of Houston; Editor, Orcinus
Rion Snow, Stanford University


Change Leaders Directory
Select Public Leaders Notably Advancing the Understanding and Management of Accelerating Planetary Change

The following is small but growing list of notable Science, Technology, Business, and Social leaders engaged in understanding issues and processes of accelerating change.

These distinguished thought- and change-leaders are not affiliated with ASF, but where we have contact information, they are all formally invited to attend our annual conference, Accelerating Change. Others to suggest? Please let us know. Potential candidates should have published work that deals uniquely, incisively and pragmatically with some scientific, technological, business, or social dimension of accelerating change.

Female and underrepresented minority leaders are listed in green, and international leaders in orange. Accompanying each individual's entry are sample publications, and occasional ASF comments regarding topics of interest. Each leader has been categorized on the basis of our subjective assessment, from a small sample of their work. All may contact us to edit, recategorize, multiply categorize, or delist their entries at any time.

  Science and Research
 Technology and Innovation
 Business, Economics, and Development
  Social, Political, Education, Environment, Health, Etc.

Several of these individuals will also be invited to Acceleration Studies, our technical conference, when we are able to produce this future event. A very partial list of conceptual keywords relevant to the academic study of accelerating processes of planetary change may be found here.


Web-Based Workgroups
Accelerating Productions (AP) is a community of future-oriented individuals who also have media production interests. AP is planning the development of attention-getting mass media (conferences, events, film, web content, graphical presentations, audio, and text) that help people think more deeply, intelligently and critically about the accelerating future. If you have production interests and would like to contribute to the development of future-oriented media projects, click the link above and tell us a little about your media and futures interest and experience in your signup.

Thank you to all the members of our growing community for helping us to bring greater attention, resources, insight, and critique to these important issues.

We are privileged to be working with all of you!


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